Susan Orlean: The Walking Alive

Susan Orlean at her walking desk

Treadmill Desks are a new (super cool!) way for computer users to remain fit while they work.  In May, 2013, Susan Orlean wrote about her experience working on a walking desk for the New Yorker Magazine.  Interviewed by NPR about the article, Ms. Orlean stated:

It’s a strange thing – except that the science actually supports this, that sitting is not good for you. People who sit six hours a day or longer have a notably higher death rate, incidence of heart disease, diabetes. It’s not only that they’re not getting aerobic exercise. It’s that sitting actually puts your body in a kind of hibernation, drops your metabolism down to practically zero. And as I said in my piece, it’s only slightly higher than if you were dead. So you’re just putting yourself to sleep, basically.

Spark Chiropractic would like to add that sitting rather than standing actually increases the bio-mechanical load that the spine carries.  The body’s weight is designed to be carried by the pelvis, not by the spine.  And that can only effectively be accomplished in an upright position.  A body in motion will keep the tissue of the intervertebral discs hydrated and healthy.  And by keeping the muscles warmed and toned, chronic low back pain can be minimized.

If your employer offers an ergonomic upgrade of your work station, consider a walking desk.  One client here at Spark walks between 11 and 14 miles a day while at her desk!  Amazing.


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