What is Activator adjusting, anyway?

Qs from You: What is the Activator Method? “Gentle and Low Force” sound great, but how is it different? Is it right for me?

Jenny says: “Yes! This adjusting technique is very safe and effective. I work with a lot of expecting moms, kids and adults of all ages and conditions.

Using the Activator I can make specific adjustments to any joint in the body without the “crack” most people think of with a chiropractic adjustment. To assess the spine, I lead patients through a series of easy muscle tests to check if the neurological pathways of each joint are clear. If not, I make a quick impulse with the instrument. This technique works by the specificity of each adjustment and by the super-quick speed of the Activator, without a forceful input into the spine.
Clearing the spine (and nervous system) ensures that every system in the body can function properly and promotes overall wellness. I recommend regular adjustments to maintain your healthy “spark.” Many common conditions (and aches and pains) are cleared in this vitalistic way–without pharmaceuticals, surgical intervention or side effects.”

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