Spark Chiropractic’s response to Corona Virus Concerns

A healthy and properly-functioning immune system is our best personal defense against viral invaders such as the new strain of corona virus which can cause the flu-like condition now known as CoViD-19.

To that end, I am dedicated to supporting our community during this stressful time by limitedly offering chiropractic services.   I will be available by request, because chiropractic care is important.

While complying with the Shelter in Place Order, travel to and from essential healthcare services is excepted.  If you would like to make an appointment, I will maintain some online availability.

If there is suspicion of exposure or if you feel even slightly ill, you must stay home to help protect the vulnerable.

“Common sense measures” are the rule in minimizing this outbreak.  Proper and typical sanitation measures at Spark have been stepped up, and the hand washing station is available for you to use.  Working with one-on-one appointments, with proper cleaning between individual clients will ensure that this office remains a safe space for you to visit.

Please wash your hands directly when you arrive for your appointment, before touching anything else in the office.

Please do not come if you have any symptoms of fatigue, fever, sore throat or dry cough.

All hard surfaces (door handles, pens, faucet handles, etc.) are being regularly wiped with an alcohol-based cleaner.  The chiropractic table is being cleaned between each individual appointment, and protective sanitary face paper is used at all times (as is usual).  If you wish to also wear a face mask during your treatment, you may do so.

We’re all in it together.

Jenny Proenza, DC


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