Here are some links to recommended practitioners in our community



Anastasia Lattanand is THE go-to for prenatal massage.  Her practice is devoted to nurturing and offering support to women during a time of profound transformation: the childbearing year.  She offers sessions at Spark Chiropractic three days a week, and is also available for home visits.

Bettina Schneider is a bodyworker specializing in Rolfing, who works in nearby Glen Park.  Rolfing is a system of structural integration that can help with a wide variety of issues.  Her work is deep, extremely skillful and highly recommended.



Linda Gruber, LAc specializes in acupuncture for women’s health; fertility and pregnancy/post-partum care.  Her office is located on Church Street, just a few blocks from Spark Chiropractic.

Sharone Franzen, LAc.  Located on Ocean Avenue, Blue Willow Acupuncture  specializes in facial rejuvenation, treating anxiety and depression, and relieving all types of pain.


Midwifery Care

Judy Luce, LM, CPM

Judy Luce comes to us with over 36 years of experience and as she puts it, she lost count how many babies she had delivered after her first 1300!  She is beyond awesome.  She attended the birth of her cutest client yet, Sapphire Grace Proenza, in November of 2011.

Sue Baelen, LM, CPM  in practice in San Francisco since 2005, Sue Baelen has been well-recommended by many Spark Chiropractic clients.


Doula Services

Britt Fohrman is a powerhouse who embraces a woman’s innate power to birth naturally.  She works as a doula, a birth educator, a pre-natal yoga instructor and as a photograher.

Shannon Padlog, CD (DONA) is a birth and post-partum doula supporting new families in creating a positive and empowered birth.



Body Chemistry is a beautiful studio located on Valencia Street at 14th.  I highly recommend Abigail Munn as a personal Pilates trainer.


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