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She Knows Preggos!

“I saw Jenny while experiencing severe low back pain during my last month of pregnancy. Her skills seemed to relieve much of the discomfort. Also, I am pretty sure that seeing her contributed to me being able to have an unmedicated birth. I continue to go in even though she is not covered under my insurance. The last chiro i went to had 4 patients at a time and did a lot of popping and cracking. Jenny gives you 30 min of her undivided attention. It’s worth it.”


I’m stoked to write a review on Spark Chiropractic!
I’ve seen a lot of Chiropractors in my day and Jenny Proenza is amazing!
She not only does great work, she actually listens to her clients, gives great feedback and works with your body and lifestyle in a realistic manner.
Highly recommend!”


“I first went to Jenny with pain shooting down the front of my left leg and tingling in the top of my left foot whenever I touched it.  I have had issues both with my lower back and upper right shoulder for most of my adult life and for the first time in months, I am pain free.  Dr Proenza has fixed me!  I cannot convey enough my gratitude for the amazing results that Jenny has produced and I recommend her to everyone I know!   If you have ever had doubts about chiropractors, this is the place to prove them wrong.”


“I just had my first session with Dr. Proenza and I feel like a million bucks! My posture is so much better already and I feel very energized.  She did an evaluation of my whole spine and she also checked my shoulders, knees, and feet.  Her style is super gentle-no cracking, folks!   She is patient, thorough, and was willing to work with me even though I don’t have insurance.  If you are looking for a great chiropractor, look no further!”


“I am either a chiropractic junkie or connoisseur, depending on your view. Either way, I have regularly seen a chiropractor for over ten years and have developed high standards for what I want.  Dr. Proenza exceeds my standards!
I have been visiting her every-other-week for about three months now, and am meeting all of my goals.  Working with Dr. Proenza helps me get more out of life– I ski, dance and work with abandon because I know that knocking myself around either because of fun or stress is no problem as Dr. Proenza can get me aligned again and running smoothly quickly.
Dr. Proenza takes the time to check my entire spine and anywhere else that troubles me such as my knee, my feet or my hand. She cares about her patients, treats them with care and attention and has an incredible knowledge about what she does.”


“Dr. Jenny Proenza is very smart and educated and her knowledge of all the human body is very advanced. When you are with Dr. Proenza she is completely present and in tune with what areas need attention. Her technique is targeted and subtle, with results that are very impressive. I walked out completely re-aligned. One of her gifts is the ability to feel the area to target and realign the body with no disruption or pain. THE BEST time to see Jenny is when you are healthy. She will support build a solid base for health (spine and nervous system) to ensure longevity and vitality.
Her office is in a great location and very inviting.
Her education in chiropractic is very apparent and I trust her 100%.”


“Dr. Proenza fixed my back after I hurt myself breaking in a new pair of hiking boots. The boots were just wrong for me, and even though they never hurt my feet, after wearing them all day my back was a mess that no amount of Advil could fix. On Day 2 of The Excruciating Pain I called for an adjustment because my stomach could not handle any more Advil, and about 45 minutes afterward, the pain was just gone (I gave away the boots to a friend who has no problem with them).

Fast forward 2 or 3 months: My 8 year old boy wrenched his neck last night while wrestling with our dog, and his head was stuck looking down and to the side. The screams were too much to bear, so after 2 hours of ice and pain reliever I took him to the ER. They decided it was ligament, not bone, gave him a Tylenol with Codeine and sent us away with a script for more. The meds did nothing to touch the pain and we were up all night. Ugh.  The next morning Dr. Proenza was able to squeeze us in. My son was unable to even lay down due to the pain and odd position of his head, but Dr. Proenza was able to work some weird chiro-voodoo and got his muscle to start relaxing. She told us to come back in the afternoon, and sure enough, about an hour after we left her office my son was able to lift his head up and straighten out his neck.  When we went back to Dr. Proenza in the afternoon he was able to lay face down on the table and she poked, prodded and massaged him. I’d say he is now about 80% better. I gave him the ER meds a bit ago, and they seem to be working enough that we may get some sleep tonight. We are supposed to go back tomorrow to check on things.  My kid loves Dr. Proenza, and so do I. 5 stars!”


“I have been living with chronic ankle pain due to years of sports injuries and the onset of arthritis.  An orthopedic surgeon told me I should have my ankle fused.  I called Dr. Proenza in search of less invasive options and I am completely amazed and encouraged by the results.  In 5 treatments I have regained a significant amount of mobility in my ankle, more than I ever thought possible, and I have experienced a considerable decrease in chronic pain.  Dr. Proenza concisely explained the physiology of my injury and mapped out a clear treatment plan.  She also provided me with tools and resources I can use to participate in my rehabilitation.  I am so thankful for the treatment I am receiving and give Dr. Proenza my highest recommendation.”


“I was having trouble sitting for any length of time at work, so I sought out Dr. Jenny.  After just a few visits, every aspect of my life improved. She listened to my concerns & together we made a care plan.  She was very thorough at explaining her methods and took time to answer all my questions.  She made a tremendous impact on my daily life in such a short amount of time and I’m very grateful I found her!”


“Dr. Proenza is extremely skilled at gentle, and profoundly effective chiropractic treatment.  I had a challenging time finding someone in San Francisco who does not do dynamic thrust (cracking).  Dr. Proenza works with the activator only and I felt safe in her hands. I also felt like she listened to me, respected my point of view and shared her knowledge in way that was fun and educational. I recommend her highly.”

– J.M.

“My husband and I were in a car wreck 2 weeks ago. We were suffering from whiplash, head aches, nausea, neck, shoulder and many other pains.  Luckily, a friend told us about Dr. Jenny Proenza.  I highly recommend her What a good and helpful chiropractic treatment she provides us with! She uses an Activator, which is efficient yet much more gentle than “cracking bones.” She spend much time explaining what she does and answering questions (for example about the Activator).  She also pointed out bad body postures to us. She is very thorough. We both saw different chiropractors before, but she is by far the best.Her place is cozy, comfortable. Street parking is not a problem.  Her rates are reasonable. The only downside is that she only takes PPO insurances, no HMOs. But I would say, she is worth every dollar we spent!  I’m going back tomorrow; we will see her once/week, until we are well again. (I suspect we’ll be better than before the accident.)”

– G.H.