COVID update

Spark Chiropractic is fully open, and offering chiropractic services to new and continuing clients.  All CDC distancing and sanitizing recommendations are being followed, and masks are required.

Please plan to wait outside on the sidewalk until your appointment time to minimize your contact with others in the office. All appointments are one-on-one, and are conducted with masks on.  High-touch surfaces are being cleaned frequently.  Fans and HEPA filters are in use, and as much as the weather allows, I am working with the door open to provide maximum air circulation.

Thanks to our community’s continued vigilance, Spark Chiropractic can remain open and provide services safely.  Please click the “Book Now” button to set up your next appointment.

Spark Chiropractic’s response to Corona Virus Concerns

A healthy and properly-functioning immune system is our best personal defense against viral invaders such as the new strain of corona virus which can cause the flu-like condition now known as CoViD-19.

To that end, I am dedicated to supporting our community during this stressful time by limitedly offering chiropractic services.   I will be available by request, because chiropractic care is important.

While complying with the Shelter in Place Order, travel to and from essential healthcare services is excepted.  If you would like to make an appointment, I will maintain some online availability.

If there is suspicion of exposure or if you feel even slightly ill, you must stay home to help protect the vulnerable.

“Common sense measures” are the rule in minimizing this outbreak.  Proper and typical sanitation measures at Spark have been stepped up, and the hand washing station is available for you to use.  Working with one-on-one appointments, with proper cleaning between individual clients will ensure that this office remains a safe space for you to visit.

Please wash your hands directly when you arrive for your appointment, before touching anything else in the office.

Please do not come if you have any symptoms of fatigue, fever, sore throat or dry cough.

All hard surfaces (door handles, pens, faucet handles, etc.) are being regularly wiped with an alcohol-based cleaner.  The chiropractic table is being cleaned between each individual appointment, and protective sanitary face paper is used at all times (as is usual).  If you wish to also wear a face mask during your treatment, you may do so.

We’re all in it together.

Jenny Proenza, DC


Online Booking

Spark Chiropractic partners with Genbook to enable all bookings to be made, modified or canceled online.  Sounds great, right?  But sometimes, there are glitches in the system and sometimes there simply isn’t a time slot showing that works for you.  Any time you encounter difficulty scheduling online at Spark, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly through email to sparkchiropractic(at)

Go ahead, use that “Book Now” button and see what happens.  :)

See you soon.

Prenatal Massage

Anastasia Lattanand, LMT has been working out of Spark Chiropractic since November, 2014.  She offers prenatal massage and “bodywork for women, specializing in the childbearing year”.  She may be reached for booking at or by calling 415.310.3132

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy is an adjunctive modality available at Spark Chiropractic.

laser therapy worcester maLLLT  — Low level laser therapy, otherwise known as soft laser or cold laser is a form of light therapy used to stimulate healing.

How does this work?

Using laser therapy, light energy units or photons are directed to damaged cells.  The consenses of experts is that the photons, absorbed by the cells through laser therapy, stimulate the mitochondria of the cell to accelerate production of ATP.  This biochemical increase in cell energy is used to help transform cells from a state of illness to a stable, healthy state.

What conditions benefit from laser?

The short answer is muscle, tendon, ligament and joint conditions.  The more detailed answer includes chronic and acute management of:

  • Frozen shoulder
  • Wrist arthritis
  • Hip arthritis and pain
  • Hip tendonitis
  • Knee joint injuries
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Heal/calcaneal spurs
  • Elbow joint injuries
  • Tennis elbow
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Biceps tendonitis

*Note:  This is a partial list.  Both acute and chronic conditions respond to laser.

Summary of the benefits of laser treatment:

  • Accelerates pain relief
  • Non-invasive
  • Controls/decreases inflammation and edema
  • Speeds healing and recovery
  • Increases joint flexibility
  • Drug free

What is Activator adjusting, anyway?

Qs from You: What is the Activator Method? “Gentle and Low Force” sound great, but how is it different? Is it right for me?

Jenny says: “Yes! This adjusting technique is very safe and effective. I work with a lot of expecting moms, kids and adults of all ages and conditions.

Using the Activator I can make specific adjustments to any joint in the body without the “crack” most people think of with a chiropractic adjustment. To assess the spine, I lead patients through a series of easy muscle tests to check if the neurological pathways of each joint are clear. If not, I make a quick impulse with the instrument. This technique works by the specificity of each adjustment and by the super-quick speed of the Activator, without a forceful input into the spine.
Clearing the spine (and nervous system) ensures that every system in the body can function properly and promotes overall wellness. I recommend regular adjustments to maintain your healthy “spark.” Many common conditions (and aches and pains) are cleared in this vitalistic way–without pharmaceuticals, surgical intervention or side effects.”

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Same-day bookings now enabled

Same-day appointments at Spark are available through the “book now” button on the home page.  If you are hoping to come in right away, this might work for you.  (As always, if your needs are urgent, you can also shoot me an email to see where I can work you in.)  Check it out, Book Now!


Beyond the Pain Complaint

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”  (definition from the World Health Organization).

Getting adjusted regularly is a fundamental act of health!  There needs to be no pain, symptom or issue to “correct”.  Chiropractic care clears the nervous system so the body can function optimally.  This is a vitalistic whole-body perspective, rather than a corrective/rehabilitative model.

Bringing Back the Balance: A Chiro Mom’s Perspective

“Chiropractic is one of the most profound forms of holistic healthcare that my family and I have experienced. When we visit the chiropractor, we receive a gentle adjustment, correcting subluxations and bringing our bodies and minds back to a place of balance and clarity. When our bodies are in balance, they can function at optimum levels. When our spines are aligned we can grow and thrive as we were intended to, warding off unnecessary illness and discomfort. We also feel at peace with ourselves and our surroundings when our minds are clear. This mentality gives my family freedom and ensures that our bodies are always functioning well.”

By  Author Lisa DeNardo


Read the Article from Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine, issue #30

Susan Orlean: The Walking Alive

Susan Orlean at her walking desk

Treadmill Desks are a new (super cool!) way for computer users to remain fit while they work.  In May, 2013, Susan Orlean wrote about her experience working on a walking desk for the New Yorker Magazine.  Interviewed by NPR about the article, Ms. Orlean stated:

It’s a strange thing – except that the science actually supports this, that sitting is not good for you. People who sit six hours a day or longer have a notably higher death rate, incidence of heart disease, diabetes. It’s not only that they’re not getting aerobic exercise. It’s that sitting actually puts your body in a kind of hibernation, drops your metabolism down to practically zero. And as I said in my piece, it’s only slightly higher than if you were dead. So you’re just putting yourself to sleep, basically.

Spark Chiropractic would like to add that sitting rather than standing actually increases the bio-mechanical load that the spine carries.  The body’s weight is designed to be carried by the pelvis, not by the spine.  And that can only effectively be accomplished in an upright position.  A body in motion will keep the tissue of the intervertebral discs hydrated and healthy.  And by keeping the muscles warmed and toned, chronic low back pain can be minimized.

If your employer offers an ergonomic upgrade of your work station, consider a walking desk.  One client here at Spark walks between 11 and 14 miles a day while at her desk!  Amazing.