Epidurals during labor: Facts, implications and alternatives

Before delivery, every pregnant woman and her partner should inform themselves about the types of medical interventions that will be offered to them, and be empowered to truly make educated, informed choices.  Here is some information about the common use of epidural anesthesia: “Epidural anesthesia is effective at pain cessation during labor, and may help…

Why Light Matters

Did you know that healthy doses of vitamin D greatly contribute to bone health?  It is also very important in the reduction of pain symptoms coming from joint disorders. Check out this article “Why Light Matters“  from 2008, courtesy of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. It’s a nice sunny day, go out and play.

Why Flu Vaccines Don’t Work

Why the Flu Vaccine Doesn’t Work Each year enormous effort goes into producing that year’s vaccine and delivering it to appropriate sections of the population. And yet, year after year there are studies showing that flu vaccines DO NOT provide any benefit. Two years ago a study in the British Medical Journal concluded that the…

The smallest addition to the Spark Family

Sapphire Grace Proenza was born at home early in the morning of November 3, 2011. She is 7 lbs, 1 oz of pure love! Her amazing home birth was attended by an expert team of mid-wives; the one and only Judy Luce and Lael Stimming, who worked tirelessly and patiently for an awe-inspiring outcome. I hope…

It’s flu season, don’t forget your chiropractic adjustments!

Facts about chiropractic and flu, compiled here by Dr. Dan Murphy, DC.

Monthly Reiki Clinic


Our next Reki Clinic is scheduled! September 24th from 1-5 PM. Reiki is a form of energy work that is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating.  It is not massage, but the person receives Reiki on a massage table while fully clothed. Offered by Reiki Master, Jaymie Meyer.  Participants will enjoy half-hour private Reiki sessions for $20….

Can Reiki help your chronic pain?

Find out at our next community Reiki clinic, hosted by the one and only, Reiki Master Jaymie Meyer.  Please email Jaymie to schedule your session.  And in the meantime, can Reiki help your chronic pain?  Find out by clicking here for a nice article about the treatment.

Advanced protocols for TMJ pain

TMJ anatomy

TMJ is short for the temporomandibular joint, a two-sided synovial joint that allows the jaw to open and close smoothly.  Sometimes after extended dental work, or because of injury or chronic teeth grinding, people will have pain or “clicking” that prevents this joint from functioning properly.  I often assess and treat this complaint here at…

“Chiropractic care is pioneering the wellness movement”.

This is an article worth reading!  Find out how regular chiropractic care is a fundamental part of creating a healthy lifestyle for the whole family.  (Hint: it’s not about back pain!)

10 Ways to Prepare A Mom for a Great Birth (well, actually, 11!)


Check this link for 10 really nice ways to make a mom-to-be feel safe and empowered.  They list 10 easy ways, but the 11th is, of course: get adjusted regularly by your Webster Technique certified chiropractor!